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Student Visa

Studying abroad is life-changing, but it can be a confusing process. Not to worry, ClickPro is here to help you get to your study destination! Whether you dream of studying in Australia or Canada, our visa experts will guide you step-by-step through the whole application process. Our team aims to help students reach their goal. This is made possible through the expertise of our professionally trained and experienced consultants. We are always committed to give you full assistance & high quality service to make your dreams a reality. Our priority is to help you- that’s why we provide services to fast track your success

Tourist Visa

Is Australia, New Zealand or Canada on your bucket list to visit this year? Before you head off to these beautiful countries, you need to have a visitor’s visa.

ClickPro not only offers student visas, but also tourist visa processing as well!

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Migration Visa

Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world, and after almost two consecutive decades of growth the unemployment rate has fallen to generational lows. As a result of nearly three decades of structural and policy reforms the Australian economy is flexible, resilient and increasingly integrated with global markets.

core values

At Clickpro Education Consultancy, our core values embody our essence and guide our endeavors. We are driven by a commitment to Studies, relentlessly pursuing knowledge and academic growth for ourselves and our clients. Social Focus underscores our dedication to fostering connections and contributing meaningfully to society. We champion Inclusion, valuing diversity and ensuring that every voice is heard and respected. Our unwavering Support forms the backbone of our service, providing assistance and guidance to empower individuals on their unique journeys.


Our commitment to excellence in education drives our core values of continuous learning, academic growth, and knowledge empowerment.

social focus

Reflects our deep commitment to fostering social connections, driving meaningful interactions, and creating positive societal impact.


Inclusion is our compass, guiding us to celebrate diversity, ensure equity, and create a welcoming environment for all.


Support is our cornerstone, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to guide, uplift, and empower our clients throughout their transformative journeys.

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